In-Depth Website Audit

Is your website not performing as expected? Our website audit service uncovers the issues that may be affecting your website’s performance.

website audit service orange county

Orange County, CA.

Website Audit Service

Even the best websites have room for improvement. Our website audit service takes a deep look at your website and uncovers any “roadblocks” that may be preventing it from effectively performing as the hub of your online marketing efforts. Discover where your website is performing, and where it needs improvements today. 

After your audit is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report on our findings, areas that your website could improve, and suggestions on how you could make the proper improvements.

website audit service orange county

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Comprehensive Process

Page Loading Speed

When it comes to user experience, your page loading speed plays a major role. Slow load times will drastically diminish your overall user engagement. Our team of experts will test every page’s loading speed on your website, and suggest ways to improve it.


In this day and age, a mobile-responsive website is critical for any website owner that wants to excel online. We will run tests on your mobile page speed, as well as perform a mobile functionality test to ensure that all the elements on your page are optimized for mobile.

Keyword Analysis

Our team will provide you with a finalized report that includes a list of the keywords that you are currently ranking for on search engines, as well as suggest changes to improve high-potential keywords that we believe will increase your overall traffic and generate more sales.

Lead Generation

Your website design and functionality must encourage prospects to take the right steps in order to become a customer. We will research your pages to ensure that the right steps are readily available, easily accessible, and suggest changes to areas that need improvement.

User Experience

Another important role for your website is the user experience. A simple font that is too large could affect your overall bounce rate. Our team will look for areas of improvement in your website design, and provide recommendations for areas we believe can improve.

Conversion Rate

If your website is not performing how you expected it to, it is always smart to take a step back and measure your overall conversion rate. Our team will analyze your customer journey, from website visitor to loyal customer, and ensure that there are no roadblocks in the way.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your content visible to a much larger audience with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO consists of many different elements that work together to help search engines better understand your website. We will provide a detailed report on the quality of your SEO.

Technical Functionality

If one or more of your pages is not functioning properly, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. We go through every page on your website to ensure that every element is functioning properly, and getting your prospects to your desired locations.

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Fantastic Results

Our team will take a deep look into your digital marketing strategy, pick apart what we believe could use improvement, and suggest ways to make the changes. At the end of our audit, you will be provided with a scheduled zoom call as well as a .pdf file detailing the findings of your entire website audit.

Price varies on the amount of pages your website has. However, our standard pricing for a basic business website is $399.

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Always a pleasure working with the team at Bryant Network. Quality of work is A+, and they're great at delivering exactly what was promised on time.

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